Our long-term vision is to inspire and create 10 SageHill Villages, each in a rural/small-town settings.  Once we have a site secured, a new village does not take any longer than a traditional residential development – approximately 18-24 months.

The goal is to downsize our home and upsize our community. The Common House becomes the village’s social center for optional group activities and meals. It also includes guest quarters for visiting family and friends.

The Village

  • 16 to 32 smaller homes clustered around the Common House
  • Residents help drive the mission and vision of their community
  • The site design promotes privacy
  • The buildings and grounds incorporate universal design features
  • A shared support system – including co-care & community-based services

The Common House:

  • Large dining room
  • Commercial kitchen
  • 2-3 Guest rooms
  • Workshop or craft room
  • Other options may include a theater, library, game, or laundry rooms

Individual homes:

  • Single houses or condo/apartments
  • Front doors facing common spaces
  • Sizes are ranging from 800-1,100 sq. ft.
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • 1 & 2 Bedrooms, 1 & 2 Bath
  • Exterior courtyards or patios for privacy
  • Attached garage space (optional)

Universal Design

Creating a community that is safe, easy to access, and adaptable to our changing needs is a primary goal from the very beginning of the design process.  Universal design is not just about making a home or community livable for wheelchair users or the elderly.  It makes life easier for everyone.  It helps people with temporary or long-term disabilities – say from an injured hand, a bad back, or arthritis.  

Basic design features for safety and comfort:

  • Zero-step entry
  • Ergonomic kitchen design
  • Expanded hallways and doorways
  • Oversized/spacious rooms for ample turning spaces
  • Structural provisions to accommodate future ADA needs
  • Stylish universal fixtures, hardware, lighting, etc.

Eco-Friendly Design

A healthier place to live can also be energy and water efficient and less expensive to operate. We encourage sharing resources and incorporating the following eco-friendly features where possible:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Protecting water resources
  • Choosing eco-friendly building materials
  • Reducing construction waste
  • Increasing recycling by making it convenient