Salt Lake City’s newest forming senior community.

We are a group of older LGBTQs & Allies coming together to build a senior community in Salt Lake City. Many of us don’t have children or other family, so it’s up to us to support each other as we age. Aging in a supportive community is a beautiful way for us to take charge and make our own decisions about where and with whom we will grow older.

SAGE’s “Out and Visible” survey shows that many older LGBTQs go back into the closet for fear of discrimination in healthcare and senior facilities. Living in a supportive community we help design for ourselves provides safety in numbers and an opportunity to streamline community services specific to LGBTQs.

Join the SageHill mailing list and we will keep you informed as meetings and potlucks are scheduled as we begin this journey.

For more information, please contact:
Cindy Turnquist, SageHill Partners
Richard Starley, SAGE Utah