Community starts with a state of mind!

We begin with a sense of purpose, a commitment to each other, and a mission to remain active, healthy, and engaged.

Aging successfully together requires more than grab-bars and lever-style door handles.  It requires a commitment to caring about each other’s well-being.  We proactively approach each step of the aging process with optimism and insightful planning – from vibrant active aging to end of life care that is centered around interdependence and mutual support.

Being healthy, both socially and physically, becomes even more important as we get older.  During our active years, as well as our frail years, we need a sense of purpose and something to look forward to every day.  Interdependent living supports a zest for life, a drive to stay in good physical condition, and a belief that we still have a lot of living to do.

If or when it is needed, members agree to help each other with temporary health setbacks. Co-care activities are generally limited to running errands, bringing soup, friendly visits or a ride to an appointment.  For residents needing long-term help, we will partner with local service providers for on-site care that can be shared among residents. This not only helps to reduce costs but provides a higher quality of care.