Cindy Turnquist – The Visionary
Cindy is passionate about the benefits of aging in community and spends endless hours envisioning ways to improve community options for our expanding senior population.  She holds a degree in Architecture Technology and Construction Management, with an emphasis on green building and universal design.  She has been a board member of two major Cohousing Associations; Coho/US and SAGE Cohousing International.  She is also an appointed member on the Utah Commission on Aging.

With 25 years of project management experience Cindy will oversee each project from concept and entitlements through design, construction and final move in.  She also holds the important position of “First Mate” on the Turnquist family boat.


Douglas Turnquist – The Navigator

Doug’s true passion is boating.  In his former life he was a sea captain.  Today he is an experienced executive with 30 plus years driving organizational growth from the C-Suite of successful companies in industries that include software, services, life science, manufacturing, materials science and for-profit post-secondary education.  Doug received a BS in Accounting from Utah State University and his MBA from Pepperdine University.

He lends his strategic planning and financial leadership skills to SageHill when he is not pulling up anchor to navigate to his next port.



Jerad Perry – The Brewmaster

Jerad’s favorite pass time is practicing the fine art of brewing non-alcoholic beer.  In brewing you create the recipe, brew the beer, remove the alcohol, and sample it until you attain perfection.  If you think about it, creating a village for successful aging is a similar process.  You create the vision, build the structure, remove conflicts, and practice community life until you attain perfection.

Jerad studied business management and finance at Weber State University. With 10 years of experience in business operations, sales, and strategic planning, Jerad focuses on operations, research, feasibility studies, and creating connections/partnerships.  On occasion we get lucky and he shares a sample of his latest brew.