Who We Are
SageHill Partners was founded in 2014, by Cindy & Doug Turnquist, to bring a new model for aging-in-community to Utah – vibrant sustainable places to live out life among friends, with purpose, and in complete control.

SageHill is a small development company focused on big ideas. We judge our performance based on our ability to provide a meaningful and positive impact on Utah’s aging population; including, innovative housing solutions, promoting purposeful living, fostering community-based services, and supporting environmental stewardship.

We strive to enrich the lives of our village members as we involve them in the process of building an intentional community from the inside out.  We seek out and partner with the best and brightest local trade companies to insure the highest standards of construction and value for village members.

Why It Is Important
Our senior population is growing rapidly. By 2030 Utah’s seniors will make up more than 13% of the state population.  A major public policy concern in the long-term care field is the overwhelming economic burden our aging society will place on our care-giving system and public finances.

At SageHill, our mission is to be part of the solution by building intentional communities that are based on interdependent living principles.  Where residents commit to meeting the challenges ahead, collectively, by caring for each other’s well-being and sharing community-based services.